How to Listen

Roni Beth Tower, Ph.D., ABPP writes in Psychology Today writes about how important listening is to a relationship. Yet in our modern world, surrounded by technology, we struggle to feel connected to other people and our listening skills suffer. Tower provides suggestions on how to be a better listener. When listening you need to be… Read more »

Solutions for Relationship Conflict

Every couple has an argument or disagreement from time-to-time. Yet research shows that there are four common themes that cause relationship tension. If couples are aware of these problems, they can take steps to avoid them and have less conflict. The research comes from Dr. John Gottman who studies relationships. The four most common sources… Read more »

Narcissism and Relationships

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., writes how narcissism can damage relationships.  In fact, a narcissist may not even realize the damage that they are causing until it is too late and the relationship is over. Even then, they don’t understand how the role they are playing hinders their ability to have a meaningful relationship. Whitbourne notes… Read more »

Rebuilding Trust

Knowing that your partner had an affair and was unfaithful is very hurtful. However, there are ways that both of you can rebuild trust and eventually restore your relationship. Be mindful with whom you talk to about this. Naturally, you’ll need to get things off your chest, but pick someone who will be supportive and is… Read more »