How to get through a break-up

Ouch.  You were in love with someone, and that someone said that they don’t love you back….or wanted to take a “break”……or wanted to “be friends.”  Nothing feels as good as the high of love and nothing feels as crappy as a break-up. As a relationship therapist for almost a decade, I have heard both… Read more »

Individual Therapy or Couples Counseling?

Sometimes people call me and they aren’t sure if they would like to have individual counseling, or couples counseling.  Every situation is a little different. Questions I usually ask are:

Third Tip: Choosing a Therapist

3.  Briefly tell the prospective therapist why you are seeking therapy at this time.  Ask if they have previously treated clients presenting with your issues.  You don’t want to be a therapist’s test case.  You

Second Tip: Choosing a therapist

2.  If you have particular cultural or religious beliefs, be open and upfront with the therapist about them in your initial phone conversation.  You are going to someone for help, not to be judged.  If

First Tip: Choosing a therapist

1.  Pay attention to how you feel when speaking on the phone with the therapist.  Do you feel comfortable?  Does your gut reaction tell you that this is a therapist that you will feel comfortable