My partner is “confused” and has moved out

Did your partner move out of your home stating that s/he was “confused” and just needed some “time”?  What does this mean?  It usually means that something in your relationship has caused your partner to question if they can be individuals while being in a relationship with you.  They are wondering where you end and… Read more »

You’ve been dumped, now what?

But Bargaining is the stage that you have to watch out for. What is Bargaining? It is that the pain is so bad and you want your ex in your life so much you “bargain” away.

Things to Consider When Breaking-up

The number one way is: You are still trying to be friends. FYI You can’t be friends with someone you are still in love with. If you are still trying to be friends within two months of a break-up you are setting yourself up for even more heartbreak. Your ex is probably trying to be friends with you because:

How to get through a break-up

Ouch.  You were in love with someone, and that someone said that they don’t love you back….or wanted to take a “break”……or wanted to “be friends.”  Nothing feels as good as the high of love and nothing feels as crappy as a break-up. As a relationship therapist for almost a decade, I have heard both… Read more »

Individual Therapy or Couples Counseling?

Sometimes people call me and they aren’t sure if they would like to have individual counseling, or couples counseling.  Every situation is a little different. Questions I usually ask are: