Creating Rituals for Strong Marriages

Are you and your partner struggling to stay meaningfully connected to each other? The Good Men Project provides suggestions in a post about how couples can create rituals in their daily lives to promote meaningful connections with  each other. One way that couples can do this is simply by eating meals with each other on a… Read more »

Does Cheating Pick Up Where Sexless Marriage Leaves Off?- Guest Post Donna Flagg

Does Cheating Pick Up Where Sexless Marriage Leaves Off? By Donna Flagg Reading Mark White’s piece, Does Sexless Marriage Justify Adultery? Part 1, really got the neurons in my brain firing. In it, Mark asks if going out of a marriage to get sex is similar to expecting fidelity in a marriage where one party doesn’t give it. Beyond that,… Read more »

How one wife dealt with D-Day of her husband’s Infidelity

When you find out that your spouse has cheated it make you feel like you are going a bit crazy.  Here is an account by Liz Volunteer at Infidelity Counseling Network Fight or Flight Six years and one week ago, I overheard my husband on his cell phone. He was speaking to a woman. It was… Read more »

Helping Men Express Their Emotions

Posted on the website Psychcentral, Hillary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW discusses how men use sex as a way of being emotionally close. She writes that the best way for men to better understand their emotions is to learn more about the full range of human emotions. Hendel notes that men may want to have sex when they… Read more »