‘Women Like Cuddling More Than Men’ and 6 other Couple’s Sleeping Myths You Need to Stop Believing

The Huffington Post published an article regarding seven myths concerning couples and sleep. These commonly held ideas range from assumptions about who snores, to who most prefers night cuddling.   For example: Insomnia Issues: There is a myth that people who can’t sleep at night have relationship issues.  However, there are many reasons why this happens, such… Read more »

Looking for a bridal shower or baby shower gift?

Those looking for something for newlyweds or gentle reminder to new parents that the marriage should come first may appreciate Caroline Madden’s latest book, “How to Go From Soul Mates to Roommates in 10 Easy Steps.”

Finding a Couples Therapist

Are you and your partner struggling to find happiness, communicate, or find intimacy in your relationship? The website PsychCentral has several ideas detailing how couples can find a therapist to resolve their issues. Use Resources Available to You There are several resources available for finding a qualified couples therapist in your area. PsychCentral refers to… Read more »

What women really want from men…

Men, if there is one video you should watch to understand what women really want from you during those “deep conversations” this is it. It perfectly describes what a woman wants from her partner and how counterintuitive it is for men to give her exactly what she needs.

My New Book, “Blindsided By His Betrayal” is out on Kindle

Your husband cheated on you, and now you don’t recognize yourself. You used to be so together, so trusting. Now you’re falling apart and doing things you would have never even considered doing. This book will help you figure out what to do as you deal with these explosive emotions. It’s important that you understand that your feelings–erratic and unpredictable as they may be–are normal. You need to understand why you feel the things you feel and what to do with those feelings.