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5 Relationship Survival Strategies For New Moms

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Relationship satisfaction dips after the birth of a first child. It is natural for new mothers to be very baby-focused. However, even the most understanding man can, at times, feel shut out of mother/child dyad. Here are five strategies to help new mothers stay connected with their partners during this transition from being a couple to being a family:

Guest Post- Laura S. Executive Director Infidelity Counseling Network

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The week after my husband told me he thought he was in love with someone else, I emailed a group of close girlfriends with the news. My words must have been hysterical because the very next night they stopped their busy-lives-kids-husbands-making-dinner-supervising-homework and told me to meet them at a local café, which I did, where we sat and drank tea and I wept and wept and wept. And they listened.

8 Tips for Dealing with a Depressed Spouse

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Most marriages don’t do well under the weight and strain of a spouse’s depression. The spouse who lives with their partner’s depression struggles to support their spouse, hoping to persuade him or her to get help, while dealing with their own unmet emotional needs. The impact of depression on love and intimacy can be profound and destructive.

6 Tips on How to Initiate a Difficult Conversation

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All couples have disagreements. Sometimes your needs clash with your partner’s needs. Other times, you might misunderstand each other or trigger strong emotions from the past. Fighting is not a predictor of divorce. In healthy relationships, conflict is normal. Conflict is not the problem. How you handle the conflict however, may be the problem. Here are my suggestions (based on the research of Dr. John Gottman) for discussing potentially heated topics.