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‘Women Like Cuddling More Than Men’ and 6 other Couple’s Sleeping Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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The Huffington Post published an article regarding seven myths concerning couples and sleep. These commonly held ideas range from assumptions about who snores, to who most prefers night cuddling.   For example: Insomnia Issues: There is a myth that people who can’t sleep at night have relationship issues.  However, there are many reasons why this happens, such… Read more »

Finding a Couples Therapist

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Are you and your partner struggling to find happiness, communicate, or find intimacy in your relationship? The website PsychCentral has several ideas detailing how couples can find a therapist to resolve their issues. Use Resources Available to You There are several resources available for finding a qualified couples therapist in your area. PsychCentral refers to… Read more »

Guest Blog From Co-Dependency Expert Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT

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There are certain dynamics and patterns that come up repeatedly in relationships. This year I will be reaching out to other experts in the field of relationship therapy and asking them for their perspective on some of these topics.
I am very pleased to have, Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT as the first of my guest bloggers this year. Ms. Lancer is author of several books on Codependency including: Codependency for Dummies and Conquering Shame and Codependency: 8 Steps to Freeing the True You. In this article she explains the Pursuer/Distancer dynamic.

“The Dance of Intimacy” By Darlene Lancer, M.A., MFT

If you want to save your marriage after an affair….

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It’s not affairs that break up marriages: It’s the unfaithful spouse’s inability to be honest about what happened and leave the affair behind them, says Caroline Madden, a Burbank, California-based marriage therapist who specializes in affair recovery.

“When I see couples divorce after an affair, it’s not usually because of the infidelity itself: The betrayed spouse simply gave up trying when their husband or wife continued to be selfish, shady, and untrustworthy,” said Madden, the author of Fool Me Once: Should I Take Back My Cheating Husband?