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The Difference Between Hearing and Listening

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Ali Soleymaniha author of Embrace Happiness: The Art of Conflict Management is an expert in conflict management. Over the course of a decade, he’s watched people completely miss out on a key component of strong communication and more fulfilling relationships: Effective listening. Most people think they have a handle on it. They think they know the… Read more »

6 Ways To Cultivate Better Relationships For More Happiness

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What does it take to be happy?

Happiness means a wide variety of things and circumstances to most of us, but almost invariably there is a relationship involved. We want to share our lives.

Millions of dollars are spent by consumers who do what people do–seek the connection that makes them feel complete. Of course, this extends beyond romance. We also want friends and family in our lives. We want a “tribe” of fellow co-travellers to share our life journey. Our hearts and minds are better for it.

Want to Keep Love Alive? Here’s How

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Therapists, authors of Secrets of Great Marriages: Real Truth from Real Couples about Lasting Love and married couple Linda and Charlie Bloom know a thing or two about managing love and expectation, love cultivation, and sometimes even love resuscitation.

Both the Blooms acknowledge that keeping the bloom on the rose of your love is difficult, if you believe committed love “eventually and inevitably becomes flat and boring.”

Marriage & Cancer: Ways to Maintain Your Relationship After Diagnosis

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“For better or for worse” is a monumental promise and precious commitment. When “for worse” sounds like a doctor’s “ I’m sorry, it’s cancer,” your expectations, dreams, and connection are shaken.

The hard work of marriage just got exponentially harder.

You could lose each other in the battle, if you’re not careful. You could turn on each other when the way gets too rough.

Unless you have a plan.

Three Strong Steps to Combat Anxiety and Insecurity

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When anxiety hits, you may think it’s the future that you dread, but in reality, it’s the present moment that you are dealing with. In this moment, you feel like the future is dangerous, and you doubt yourself. This self-doubt is destructive. It can paralyze you, and cause you to miss out on the things you want in life.