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The 9 Most Overlooked Threats to a Marriage

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1. We marry people because we like who they are. Plan for your spouse to change. Don’t marry who they are now or your vision of them. Get behind, and enjoy the journey of them becoming their ideal self.

2. Marriage doesn’t take away our loneliness. Loneliness is part of the human condition. Marriage can’t undo that. Don’t blame your partner or go looking for someone new. “Marriage is intended to be a place where two humans share the experience of loneliness.” Let it be until the loneliness dissipates.

How to Manage Anxiety When Mindfulness Fails You

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Do you know that feeling? When anxiety keeps you up into the wee hours of the morning, fretting and ruminating on every potential worst-case scenario? You imagine your reactions, subsequent events, and the thoughts go on and on. Are you dragged further and further into a nightmare of your own making? Some people are able… Read more »

LGBT Dating and the Journey to the Ring

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Gay dating expert and co-founder of, Nicholas Martin, wrote about his recent observations of young people in the LGBT community: Everybody wants to find “the one,” says Marlin. College-aged and recently graduated LGBT folks seem inordinately concerned with the love search. The dream seems to consist of a degree, a good job, and an… Read more »

Myth: Marriage Is A Fifty-Fifty Proposition

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Do your best to keep the business parts of your personal relationship where they belong. Place them far below the sensitive, generous, selfless places that breed devotion and delight in one another. Touch, give gifts, affirm, and serve. You’ll get much more out of that type of relationship. A business arrangement between lovers is much too cold and unsatisfying.

How Good Relationships Can Make You Stronger

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How does a strong relationship encourage thriving?

Our relationships are not simply employed as pick-me-ups when we’re down. The joy of our close relationships comes often as our loved ones help us thrive and grow. We gladly accept it when people close to us push us to take risks, and back us up when we do.