Finding a Couples Therapist

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Are you and your partner struggling to find happiness, communicate, or find intimacy in your relationship? The website PsychCentral has several ideas detailing how couples can find a therapist to resolve their issues.

Use Resources Available to You

There are several resources available for finding a qualified couples therapist in your area. PsychCentral refers to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Other ideas include:

  • Your insurance company’s preferred provider list for therapists
  • The psychology department at your local college or university
  • The local community health clinic
  • Friends or family
  • The pastor or clergy from your church
  • Family physician
  • Divorce lawyers.  Seriously!  Since they deal in divorce, they will know of local therapists.

Check for Credentials

When researching a potential therapist, check for their credentials. These can include a master’s or doctoral degree, experience working in a clinical setting, and state licensing. Many therapists learn specific skills for couples therapy through experience, trainings, and workshops. Call the prospective therapist before making an appointment to learn more about their background and personal philosophy.

Attending Therapy Sessions

Sometimes one partner doesn’t want to go to a couples therapy session. There can be several reasons for reluctance, including :

  • Fear of being blamed.
  • Fear that therapy becomes a part of the argument.
  • Fear of being stigmatized for going to therapy.
  • A partner that has already given up.

PsychCentral recommends going to the therapy session anyway. It can demonstrate to your partner the value you put into therapy and improving the relationship. If you are already seeing a therapist, it can be helpful to have a separate, couples therapist, so that both partners feel that they have an equal relationship with a therapist.

People who attend couples therapy report that it can help with finding more satisfaction in a relationship and recommitting to a partner. Even when the relationship doesn’t work out, partners can separate with less animosity towards each other.

Want to know more about how couples therapy can help with your relationship?

Read the full article here:  When and How to Find a Couples Therapist


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