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Giving Up The Role of Being Over-Responsible~Guest Post by Natalie Lue of Baggage Reclaim

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been over-responsible. I’ve felt that I have to be strong and so avoid showing ‘weakness’ by asking for help, expressing needs or sharing my feelings. I’ve hung back and dimmed my light so that my brother and then others could shine and they wouldn’t feel the need to reject or abandon me for taking up too much space or making them feel inferior in some way.

Timing is Everything When it Comes to Marriage Counseling

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Marriage counseling isn’t magic. It’s hard work. It’s about a couple’s motivation and timing. Only time with a counselor will tell whether a couple  has waited too long. Timing is a vital component in whether marriage counseling works. “Last resort” sessions don’t do much good. Dr. John Gottman, author of The Relationship Cure: A 5… Read more »

5 Relationship Survival Strategies For New Moms

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Relationship satisfaction dips after the birth of a first child. It is natural for new mothers to be very baby-focused. However, even the most understanding man can, at times, feel shut out of mother/child dyad. Here are five strategies to help new mothers stay connected with their partners during this transition from being a couple to being a family:

What Women Think About Sex Versus Reality

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by Guest Blogger ~Dr. Psych Mom, Dr. Samantha Rodman…..I will now tackle what women think is normal sexually, which includes some pretty incorrect assumptions. Thankfully you have your friendly neighborhood blogger slash psychologist to dispel these myths right now. Get ready to email your wife and tell her she’s wrong, because that usually goes well.