About Me

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Therapeutic Approach
I believe that my role as your counselor is to help you identify your strengths, to examine self-defeating behaviors, and to uncover obstacles that are in the way of achieving your goals.  I’m straight-talking, warm and friendly, and good-humored.  I will see you as an intelligent, collaborative partner in the therapeutic process.  As an objective outsider, I can offer a safe space where you can be free to talk honestly about what you are really thinking and feeling. I want to help you find out what is best for you and your future.

I know that telling a stranger your life story and the problems you are going through can make you feel vulnerable. I won’t leave you hanging, wondering what I am thinking. I’m not a therapist who just sits back and nods my head. I strive to understand your problem and to provide guidance and feedback.

Although I may explore your family background, my focus is on how to deal with your current issues rather than just on providing insight into how your issues developed. I do not believe that we are prisoners of our childhood. However, these early experiences shape what feels like love and who you need to be in order to be loved.

Professional Qualifications
I believe that therapy should be about you, the Client. But, you also have the right to know about your therapist’s qualifications.  I have been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the State of California (license number #40947) since 2004.  I am a Clinical Member of both the California Association of Marriage Family Therapists and the American Association of Marriage Family Therapists.

I graduated in 1993 from Cornell University (Go BIG RED) with my BS in Labor Relations. Before becoming a therapist I worked in a variety of human resources and management positions in public, private and non-profit fields. I had bosses, co-workers, employees, deadlines, and paperwork. Believe me, I understand work-place stress. As a former boss and senior human resource manager, I have a unique perspective on why people get both hired and fired.

At a certain point in my career, I got sick of firing people and negotiating contracts with the Teamsters. So, I went back to school and in 2001, earned my Master of Arts in Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute. My training covered all areas of psychotherapy but centered on relationship dynamics. While in school and after graduation I worked in a variety of clinical settings. As part of my licensing requirements, I completed 3000 hours of supervised clinical experience.

I started my private practice in Burbank in 2007.  Most of my clients come to see me because they are are worried about their relationship and need some objective feedback as to what their next steps should be. I found that I work well with couples who have a sincere wish to try to stay together. Over time, I developed a speciality in helping couples navigate their relationship after infidelity. Eventually, I authored several books and became an expert on this subject.

I wanted to find alternatives to psychotropic medication to help betrayed spouses recover from the trauma of infidelity. This lead to me studying and researching the science behind Mindfulness Mediation at the University of Sedona. My doctoral dissertation explored the merits of meditation to alleviate Post Affair Trauma Symptoms in wives. In 2017, I received my Ph.D. in Holistic Counseling.

Through Train of Thought Press, I have authored several relationship books (links will take you to Amazon for the descriptions):

How to Go From Soul Mates to Roommates in 10 Easy Steps

When a Spouse Loses a Parent: What to Say & What to Do (Co-authored with Dr. Irene Rodway)


I have also authored three books specific to Affair Recovery:

Blindsided By His Betrayal: How to Survive the Shock of Your Husband’s Infidelity

Fool Me Once: Should I Take Back My Cheating Husband?

After a Good Man Cheats: How to Rebuild Trust & Intimacy with Your Wife.

All are available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, etc.

I am a regular contributor to Huffington Post. My articles and articles that I am quoted in are listed on this page.

A Word to Married Couples:
I am a pro-marriage (both straight and gay) therapist.  What does that mean?  It means that I actively try to help your marriage and will communicate hope that you solve your marital problems.  I am not neutral.  I want you to work out your problems and keep your partnership intact. I don’t believe every marriage can (or should) be saved. However, no matter the outcome, I want you both know that your fought for your marriage. Sound simple?  You would be surprised!  Be sure to ask any potential relationship therapist her position on this issue.

On a personal note: As the mother of two young boys, I know first hand how life altering becoming a mother can be (and frankly how it can stress even the best of marriages).  I believe that even the best relationships take work.

To schedule an appointment please call me at (626) 644-1609 or use my contact form.

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