Women and Depression

To combat depression, teaching women to actively problem solve, rather than passively ruminate, will help provide women more control over their futures.

Procreation. Recreation. Deep Connection. Cardio.

Applied to everyday life, we know that our sexual motivation fluctuates from one day to the next. Sometimes we are focused outward; sometimes we just want what we want. But generally, it can’t hurt to understand the impact and benefit of connecting in a multidimensional, communicative, and mutual way through sex. Both partners, in a positive sexual relationship create a favorable, respectful backdrop for plentiful sex and a happier life.

Myths About Same-Sex Weddings (And the Data That Dispel Them)

Most same-sex wedding myths seem to fall under stereotypes that assume certain ceremony styles and priorities, wedding budgets, familial relationships, and business interactions. Stereotype #1: Gay weddings vs. “Real weddings.” Gay couples prefer traditional gender roles and ceremonies that mimic heterosexual services. Also, most couples are content with a civil union ceremony that is “just… Read more »

Can a Failing Relationship be Saved?

When your relationship can find no common ground and your partnership is marked by vested interests elsewhere, it is unlikely that the relationship will survive. Domination, lack of accountability, and unfaithfulness signal a self-concern that cannot be tolerated by a spouse for long. A partner who consistently puts him or herself first is demonstrating that their primary interest is not the relationship.

Carefully examine the way you communicate and resolve conflicts by taking a hard look at how venting, or indiscriminately expressing negative feelings, impacts your relationship. ·      Remember, no one likes a bully…             It may seem helpful, courageous, or even supremely honest to bluntly express your anger to your significant other. The trouble is, no… Read more »