How Value Judgements Can Ruin Relationships

Have you ever encountered someone who seems intent on criticizing every single thing that you say and do?  Or how about the type of people who subtly hint that you should be doing something different with your time or that you should be behaving in a different way? No matter how hard we try avoiding… Read more »

Reviving Intimacy in a Long-Term Relationship

Many couples struggle with the fact that the amount of sex they have decreases over time.  While thinking about this may be discouraging, there are some key things you can do to help bring the excitement back into the bedroom.  One of the biggest blocks to being able to re-kindle your love life is holding… Read more »

Why Pleasurable Sex Increases Fertility

Although it’s not a common issue of discussion and may cause many women to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, the topic of sexual pleasure has many aspects to it.  Key among these aspects is the idea that an increase in sexual pleasure leads to an increase in conception rates. Sexual pleasure increases blood flow, reduces stress,… Read more »

Becoming a Cohesive Parenting Team

It’s easy to observe other parents’ seeming lack of control in regards their children’s behavior and say to yourself “You know what, I could do a thousand times better than that at parenting!”  Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is far more difficult than you might think.  Many couples struggle with dialing in a cohesive… Read more »

Why Meditation Lowers Anxiety

Over the past few decades, meditation has gained in popularity, owing to its many benefits to both mind and body. One of the most prominent of these benefits is stress reduction. We can all get caught up in the day-to-day struggles of life, so having a regular practice to help naturally reduce stress is a… Read more »