Witnessing the Cycle that Leads to an ADHD “Diagnosis”

A teacher’s aide tells the story of “David,” an exuberant 9-year-old student and so-called problem child. Marked by his teacher’s impressions of his family, David is described as restless, impulsive, and unfocused. The aide felt all the descriptions were unfounded, seeing instead a young man with a keen sense of humor, the ability to communicate… Read more »

Demanding An Apology

Sincerity is paramount. Can the offender see and care about the injured person enough to focus there and freely make amends? It doesn’t have to be difficult. Any relationship, even the happiest couple, will experience its share of hurt feelings Apologizing inspires tolerance, trust, and closer connection.

End-of-Life Care for an Aging LGBT Population

The quiet, peaceful faces of those who love you. Calm assurances whispered from the love of your life. No cares, judgments, snubs, or fears in the room with you as you slip away. Everyone wants to leave the world with dignity and in the company of love, but sadly, many in the LBGT population are… Read more »

Women and Depression

To combat depression, teaching women to actively problem solve, rather than passively ruminate, will help provide women more control over their futures.

Procreation. Recreation. Deep Connection. Cardio.

Applied to everyday life, we know that our sexual motivation fluctuates from one day to the next. Sometimes we are focused outward; sometimes we just want what we want. But generally, it can’t hurt to understand the impact and benefit of connecting in a multidimensional, communicative, and mutual way through sex. Both partners, in a positive sexual relationship create a favorable, respectful backdrop for plentiful sex and a happier life.