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How to Listen

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Roni Beth Tower, Ph.D., ABPP writes in Psychology Today writes about how important listening is to a relationship. Yet in our modern world, surrounded by technology, we struggle to feel connected to other people and our listening skills suffer. Tower provides suggestions on how to be a better listener. When listening you need to be… Read more »

What women really want from men…

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Men, if there is one video you should watch to understand what women really want from you during those “deep conversations” this is it. It perfectly describes what a woman wants from her partner and how counterintuitive it is for men to give her exactly what she needs.

How Couples Can Use “Friendly Fighting”

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Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D. writes in Psych Central how there is never a need to have an argument with your partner. Instead, couples can use ten strategies that she refers to as “Friendly Fighting” that can help couples resolve a conflict without it going downhill. When Hartwell-Walker says that couples never have to fight, she… Read more »