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How to Identify and Cope with Anger

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Do you find yourself getting angry, but don’t know why? Has your anger had a negative impact on your relationship? The Gottman Institute examines anger and explains how we can work to ensure it doesn’t hurt those we care about. Anger is a very charged emotion that comes out when we least expect it. Yet,… Read more »

Older Americans Redefining Sexual Norms

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Research is showing that people who are in their middle years are having higher rates of sex outside of marriage than younger Americans. This is according to a study conducted by the University of Utah. What the researchers found first was that rate of sex outside of marriage, in general, has been mostly constant. However,… Read more »

The Ramifications of Hook-Ups for Women

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We all know that there can be serious consequences, especially for women, when it comes to the casual hookup. There is always a risk of developing an STI, a urinary tract infection, or pregnancy. However, research is finding that there are even more serious concerns for women than we first suspected. In one study, researchers conducted… Read more »