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Older Americans Redefining Sexual Norms

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Research is showing that people who are in their middle years are having higher rates of sex outside of marriage than younger Americans. This is according to a study conducted by the University of Utah. What the researchers found first was that rate of sex outside of marriage, in general, has been mostly constant. However,… Read more »

The Ramifications of Hook-Ups for Women

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We all know that there can be serious consequences, especially for women, when it comes to the casual hookup. There is always a risk of developing an STI, a urinary tract infection, or pregnancy. However, research is finding that there are even more serious concerns for women than we first suspected. In one study, researchers conducted… Read more »

How to Strengthen Relationships

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Most of us have relationships in our lives:  friends, family, the people we work with.   There is, however, a big difference between casual connections and deep relationships. Deep relationships actually have positive health benefits, and there are things we can do to actively nurture these relationships. Research shows that having meaningful relationships can have… Read more »

Relationship Tips

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Do you want to make your relationship healthier and happier? Jonathan Wells has several ideas that every couple can use to strengthen their relationships. Learn the secret of true communication by listening. Avoid interrupting your partner mid-sentence. Instead, be willing to listen and hear their perspective. Don’t make comparisons or compete with each other, such… Read more »